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Prosthetic Treatments

The absence or loss of teeth can significantly impact not only the aesthetics but also the oral health and overall quality of life. Prosthetic Dental Treatments offer a range of effective methods to address missing teeth, restore function, and reshape smiles.

What are Prosthetic Dental Treatments?

Prosthetic Dental Treatments encompass various methods used to replace missing teeth or correct existing dental structures. These treatments aim to address missing or damaged teeth, which are crucial both aesthetically and functionally.

Applications in this field include fixed prosthetics (crowns and bridges), removable prosthetics (dentures and partial dentures), implants, aesthetic fillings, and full dentures, among other treatment options. Each of these can be personalized based on the patient's condition and needs.

Effects and Significance

Prosthetic Dental Treatments not only restore the aesthetics of a smile but also enhance oral health and overall quality of life. Replacing missing teeth restores chewing function, contributes to speech clarity, and aids in essential functions like digestion.

Furthermore, these treatments can boost self-confidence and positively impact social interactions. Addressing tooth loss is a significant step towards improving patients' quality of life.

Treatments ;
  • Zirconium Tooth
  • Dental Veneer(Laminate)
  • Prosthesis Over Implant
  • Inlay - Onlay